The head of the Department is Dr. Mikhail Malishev (PhD, history).


The Department of Politics and Political Management was established in 2001. The qualification in political sciences, set up in 2000 provided a foundation for the further development into the department. Designed in 1995 the qualification Historical Politics served as a basis for research, methodology and staff development.


The Department offers two specializations:

       Theory of politics

       Applied politics


The course involves five years of full time study. The applicants are expected to have a certificate of secondary education. The study is financed both through tuition fees and federal budget. After a successful completion of the course the students can expect to gain the qualification in politics.


Basic courses


       Political History of Russia

       History of Political Doctrine

       Theory of Politics

       Comparative Politics

       World Politics and International Relations

       Federal Politics and Administration

       Regional Politics

       Political process and political relations in contemporary Russia

       Political Analysis and Forecasting

       Political Management

       Public and political ideas of Russia.


Career opportunities


Graduates are involved in education of various types, politics and public service. They may expect to gain the employment in research institutions, federal, regional and local authorities, consultancy services, media, analytical centres, public organizations (political parties, public associations). They are also entitled to teach at secondary and higher education institutions. The students are encouraged to go on to postgraduate studies.


Research interests


A variety of research work is undertaken in the Department. Research work is growing rapidly and applications are welcomed from students who wish to explore issues related to any of the above-mentioned areas. Departmental staff regularly give papers at other institutions, host national and international conferences, hold workshops and seminars and discussions.     




 Mail address:   Dprt of Politics and Political Management

Room 405, building 2

1, Universitetskaya str.


Udmurt Republic

Russian Federation


Tel/fax: +7 3412 25 50 88



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